Technology continues to drive improvement and innovation in modern metal working. Though quality has less to do with the machinery used to fabricate, but more to do with the knowledge and experience of the operator. Our experience at Durham Custom Sheet Metal Ltd. tells the whole story - But here's a list of some of our specialties including some of the production capabilities we have in-house.

  1. Professional estimates

  2. Custom drawing

  3. Precision metal cutting

  4. Brake metal forming

  5. Contract assembly

  6. Custom order of any HVAC product

  7. Welding (TIG/MIG & spot welding)

  8. Total installation & build capabilities

  9. Wholesale material & supply

  Al Higgins - Owner and chief operator of Durham Custom Sheet Metal Ltd. has over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the sheet-metal industry.

  He has worked with several top-level companies over the years until he established himself as a senior asset in the sheet-metal business.

  After running a shop with a partner in Toronto for a few years, Al decided it was time for him to break-free, take control of his own future and start his own sheet-metal company in the Durham Region.

  In 2012 he officially launched Durham Custom Sheet Metal and hasn't looked back since. DCSM continues to grow and offer the best in custom sheet-metal for the greater Toronto area.

  Our shop is equipped with quality machinery to help us get the job done. Here's a look at some of our shop tools which allow us to manufacture the highest grade metal products available today (click on the images gallery below for more info).

  At Durham Custom Sheet Metal Ltd., we pride ourselves on our highest-quality service and speedy turn-around. Some of our competitors boast next-day service. Not only can we do same-day service, but we can do even better... Same-hour service!

  Yes you read it, same-hour service when you need it. We have worked in this industry long enough to know that efficiency and demand are high-priority. Our clients know they can depend on us to provide them with the metal products fast and accurately.

Contact us when you need it ASAP – and we'll do what we can to accommodate your needs.

Some of the ways we service our clients.

  1. Providing same-hour, personalized service

  2. Overnight orders fulfilled next day (usually by 9am)

  3. Supply custom made, professional grade-ductwork products

  4. Provide acoustic-dampening insulation in HVAC products for quiet operation

  5. Total custom-shop (contact us to discuss)

  6. Dependable installation of any/all HVAC and sheet metal products

  7. Service to any product we produce

  Do you need flat stock or wholesale

materials? Are you a reseller looking for a dependable custom shop? We supply many retail HVAC outlets with customized ductwork and fittings. If it has to do with metal - chances are we can do it better, faster, and within your budget!

  We can design & develop your customized metal forming needs to suit what you want, how you want. Our experienced advice is always free and our service is backed up by 20+ years of experience. Have a custom metal product design in-mind? No problem - call us today!

  Our specialty and most comprehensive

client-base comes from the Commercial HVAC Contractors within greater Toronto area and Durham, Ontario – Offering the quickest turn-around and highest quality service – we meet our clients demands each and every day!


Commercial, Residential & Retail

Technology, Excellence
and Superior Craftsmanship

We're happy to go the extra mile to help you get the job done.
We do this because we actually care about our clients.


Snap & Button Lock / Former

Pittsburgh Roll Former


Metal Band Saw

Slip Roller

52" Shear

Box & Pan Brake

8ft Brake

Easy Edger

8ft Squaring Shear






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Hands-On Experience Matters

  Durham Custom Sheet Metal Ltd. team has been serving the sheet metal fabrication industry for many years. Our staff have worked alongside many well-known companies and their engineering teams to manufacture metal products which enhance both performance and the economy. Our goal is to increase the productiveness of your team where it counts the most — in the field.

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